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Special Event Pages
(or 'Virtual Pink Flamingos')

Birthdays Anniversaries Weddings
Reunions ...You name it!

Do you know someone approaching one of those 'milestone' birthdays? Is there a special anniversary, wedding, reunion, or other occasion coming soon that you would like to publicize? Immortalize your event now with its own personal website! YronBay.com can construct for you a special page to help celebrate in an exciting new way, sharing special occasions with family and friends who may not otherwise be able to participate in person. We've all seen the pink flamingos in someone's front yard when they hit that special birthday. The problem is that usually only the neighbors get to enjoy the gag. We can help you share the memories with everyone on the internet - think of it as 'Virtual Pink Flamingos'!

What We Do:

YronBay.com will set up a website for your special event. We will work with you to include photographs, text, and possibly other multimedia that will give your event a new twist. A 'guest book' feature will allow visitors to your site to append their own messages and comments. You will receive a note identifying the URL (location) of your page, which you can then email to anyone you wish.

A Simple Example:

For a sample of a '16th Birthday Page', click here. This site was set up as a 16th birthday surprise a few weeks in advance and publicized to friends and family via email such that they could fill the guest book with messages before he was told about it. By the time his birthday arrived and he was shown the site, the guest book was already filled with comments.

The possibilities are endless - click here for a few ideas to help start you thinking. If you have a project in mind, and we'll discuss the details.


Base site: $20 (site will remain active for 1 year, or longer for additional charge)
Digital Scans: $1 each (up to 8.5"x11" in size)
A shipping charge will be added if necessary to cover the return of any photos or items submitted via mail for scanning.
Pricing is essentially very flexible. Special pricing available for bulk work.
There are too many possibilities to list prices for every variation. to discuss ideas and request a quote.

If you email me digital photos or pre-scanned images, I will work them into the pages at no charge (up to 30 images/items).
If photos or other items need to be scanned, a $1 charge will be added PER SCAN (not PER ITEM).
A full scan can handle an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper, so if you have several small photographs it is possible to scan several at once. Example, if you have four 3.5"x5" photographs, they can all fit on the scanner at once therefore only $1 would be charged. If you have four 8"x10" photos then each would require a scan thus a $4 charge.


Currently I do not have a minimum lead time, but suffice it to say that in most circumstances I will need more than just a few days advance notice in order to get everything in place. Rule of thumb is the earlier we start the process before your 'needed by' date, the better.



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